I haven’t seen the movie Doubt (based on the play Pulitzer Prize-winning play by John Patrick Shanley) yet, but a friend of mine whose taste I trust posted a review recently on her blog, Bagel and a Movie. I too had been reluctant to see it, but am a huge Philip Seymour Hoffman fan. I was torn. I agree with my fellow blogger: Great plays don’t always translate well on screen. I also was not interested in the story line–priest sex scandal. But Elizabeth found that this movie transcends its plot line. She writes, “But what I love most is that the story of the movie—Sister Aloysius’s accusations regarding Flynn, and the question of whether he abused a boy—are really just vehicles with which to make you ponder the nature of doubt.”

That’s what I love about great movies. Because of her review, I’ll definitely see it.

If you have seen the movie, I would love to hear your take, especially if you went to a Catholic school.