This blog is about the experience of women who attended a girls’ Catholic boarding school and about my two years at a Catholic boarding school, St. John Villa Academy, in Staten Island, which overlooked the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. I was in second and third grade there during the mid sixties. My mother was divorced, and at the time, she had almost no options to send me to day school near our apartment in Queens. She worked full time in the Financial District as a secretary. I hope to capture the loneliness and isolation I felt as a child there and the meaning of the two friendships, which helped me survive during those two years. I recently found these two friends, one whose father was a widower at the time, the other who thought her father deceased but finds out in her 20’s/30’s that he’s still alive. If you were a boarder at SJVA in the Sixties, I’d like to hear from you.

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  1. No wonder it took you a long time to make this post. I love all the pictures, so thoughtfully arranged. What a fascinating site, so specific. I wasn’t sent to boarding school and always wonder about parents that send their children, how can they? And I also wonder about all the friends I know who were so eager to go. As complicated as my family was, I loved being at home. In fact, as a young child I didn’t want to go to school at all and instead went with my mother to a Head Start program where she taught. Thanks for the post.

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