I’ve been piecing together the history of Catholic boarding schools for girls in New York City and came across a story about one that opened in South Carolina, “Catholic boarding school came to Greenville in 1900“:

Overwhelmingly Protestant, Greenville probably was not the most welcoming location for a Catholic boarding school, even though the city’s Catholic population was growing thanks to the prospering textile industry. (Religious tolerance was not a local hallmark.)But business leaders rationalized that a Catholic school might attract new white residents or shoppers whose daughters attended the school and who lived on farms or in small towns without a Catholic church or religious instruction for young women.

In fact, women’s education, traditionally ignored in the South, was flourishing. With a population of nearly 12,000, Greenville had three women’s schools with boarding facilities: the Greenville Women’s College, Presbyterian Chicora College, and the Greenville Baptist Female College. And like Sacred Heart, these colleges also offered primary education to both boys and girls and provided both preparatory and “academic” classes.

The boarding school was founded by the Ursulines, a religious order dedicated to educating young women and the first nuns to come to the United States to teach.

If you know about other Catholic boarding schools, especially in the New York City area, please tell me about it—and your experience—here. Looking forward to hearing from you!